Love Food, Love Life, Love You


In the beginning of my journey, I was not only trying to reach (unhealthy) impossible goals, but I lacked the proper education to safely maintain a healthy lifestyle. When I thought about food, it made me cringe. I would think to myself “I can’t eat that, it’s just going to make me fat.” I would eat something and then beat myself up about it after; my relationship with food was love-hate and nothing in between. I would constantly think about all of the other people and how good they looked and how hard it must have been to get where they are.

Now, my relationship with food is 100% LOVE-LOVE! Education and determination have given me a newfound appreciation for all things food (beyond how tasty it is). I no longer surround myself with negative thoughts about where I should be, but how proud I am to be where I am. The people I used to envy, I now understand that it WAS hard to get to where they are! But every second was worth it because at the end of the day, they feel 100% themselves.

Many people are led to believe:
• Eating less will make you thinner
• You must restrict calories in order to lose weight
• You must give up on the foods you love in order to lose and maintain weight

This is not the case! By eating well portioned, nutritionally dense foods you will lose weight and not even think about it as it happens. Filling your diet with protein, complex carbs, healthy fats, fruits, and VEGETABLES – it will happen naturally. Give up on the thought of “dieting” and make it a lifestyle! You can truly achieve anything you put your mind to, so make the change and love yourself enough to stick with it.

With all of the social media, maintaining a decent level of self esteem is an unfortunate challenge that most of us (or all of us) have to face at some point in our lives. There is just too much exposure to the world around us; while this is awesome for keeping connected, seeing faraway places, and networking – it can also be suffocating. How can we help but see these miraculous photos on Instagram and not melt out of envy and wonder “how do they make it look so easy?”

Let me tell you the reality: what you see on social media is 99% of the time NOT what is real! There are incredible photo editing apps that make anything and everything look like a professional photo.

BUT! This is not the case for everything you see either and it would be unfair for me to say it was; by no means am I saying these people are not naturally beautiful from head to toe – they most likely are and usually have inspiring and innovative stories to share too! Next time you’re scrolling through your feed take a second to ground yourself and do yourself a favor:

Stop. Comparing. Yourself. To. Others.

True happiness exists when you 100% believe in yourself and all of the truly amazing things you are capable of. I guarantee, when you are looking at the person next to you and enviously thinking “wow, I wish I had her waist” or “dang, I wish I was as big as that guy”, that they are looking at you and thinking something along the same lines about you! You may like her legs, but she may love your triceps; you may pine to have calves as big as him, but he may be working to have abs like yours.

At the end of the day, take care of yourself and love yourself along the way. Do everything you can to live your healthiest life and embrace who you are, no matter what. You may not have achieved your goals yet, but you will get there. Love the journey and love yourself. Your smile, your laugh, your arms, your sense of humor, your booty, your mind, everything. Because YOU are YOU and that is something to be happy about.

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