Overcoming the 5 Hurdles of Eating Right

hurdles-track-race-competition-159745.jpegYou bought brand new Tupperware, kitchen appliances, and running shoes – you’re ready to begin your journey to a healthier you…right?

It takes more than just the gear and the desire to achieve to really reach your health goals. You must commit to the journey, not just dream about it!

When it comes to a proper diet, there are various circumstances that may stop you in your tracks to becoming your best self, and it goes far beyond tempting food choices that are readily available.

Here are the 5 hurdles I want to help you “clear” in order to stay on track:

  1. Travel: If you travel often for work or pleasure, it can be challenging to make the right food choices for you while on your adventures. Ways to combat this:
    -Bring a small cooler full of pre-prepped meals you can grab on the go
    -Bring healthy choices with you to snack on while driving/flying/training/etc.
    -Always pack a resistance band or jump rope! I know, not food related, but keeping these handy little fitness tools with you on your way will entice you to get a small workout in even if you’re short on time and can’t get to your hotel gym!
    -Bring shakes along with you. Blend together some of your favorite protein shake recipes to bring as a grab-and-go snack
    -Avoid concessions and fast food on the way. Stopping for gas? Avoid walking into that fast food restaurant or grabbing that chocolate bar off the shelf – opt for a granola bar, turkey wrap, or a smoothie (careful on the ingredients) instead.
  2. Eating Out: This is unavoidable a lot of the time, but not impossible to handle! It is possible to eat out and still make the right choices for you – it will take A LOT of commitment, but that’s why you’re here, right? Ways to handle eating out:
    – Opt for the chicken or fish
    – Instead of fries or potatoes, see if there is a vegetable alternative as a side
    – Skip the dessert! And if you must go for dessert, split it with someone else at the table as opposed to getting a whole dish to yourself
    – Order tea/coffee/water and avoid added sugars with your meal and skip the soda!
  3. Busy Life: Having a busy life is no excuse for letting your diet and exercise slip into the wind! There is always time if you make the time for things that matter. Ways to combat a busy schedule:
    – Take a day to prep your meals! If you allot the time on a day you’ve got spare time to prep your meats, chop your veggies, and throw them in Tupperware, you’re golden for the rest of the week
    – Keep healthy snacks in the house. Having fresh fruit or a bowl of nuts readily available for those grab and go moments is essential to staying on the right track
    – Prepare pre-packaged protein shakes and smoothies. Throw solid ingredients like protein powder, berries, fruits, etc. to a Ziploc baggie so all you need to worry about is adding your liquid ingredients super quick! Keep pre-sliced produce in the freezer for longer periods before you use them to keep them fresh
    – Always bring your own lunches to avoid the habit of constantly eating out! This is a major one I’m ALWAYS trying to emphasize! By prepping a healthy meal and having it with you, not only will you be less likely to choose an unhealthy option but you’ll also be saving your wallet
  4. Boredom: Boredom is one of the most difficult hurdles that people have a hard time hopping! Feeling peckish because you’re sitting with a book or relaxing in front of the TV? Resist the temptation!
    – Oftentimes when we start to feel hungry, it is an indicator that we’re actually a little dehydrated! Pour a tall glass of water and squeeze a little lemon in it to satiate those cravings
    – Get up and do something. Head to the gym for that workout if you’re bored and feeling hungry – if you’re actually hungry, you’ll enjoy a fasted workout with a large protein packed meal after
    – Get lost in a task you love. Whether it’s getting lost in your favorite book, coloring with gel pens (personally, I love the sparkly ones), or sewing, letting your mind drift to an activity you’re doing will not only prevent you from bored eating but will also activate your cognitive function
    Should you succumb to the whispers of your stomach:  opt for healthy snacks like nuts, nut butter and celery, carrots and hummus, cheese sticks, or bell peppers
  5. Social Life: By far, I find this hurtle to be the most difficult to overcome. Heading out for a night with friends for ONE drink never works out – it turns into a few drinks, some wings, some mozz. Sticks, and OHMYGOD are those potato skins?! Hm…
    – Eat a meal before going out for the night. When you arrive to a social event and you’d already eaten you are less likely to indulge in the unhealthy snack foods and copious amounts of beer
    – If you ARE going to drink, stick to one beer or order a light mixed drink that’s not too heavy on the sugars or carbs
    – Encourage your friends to do activities that aren’t centralized around drinking. Sure, it loosens you up and it’s easier to make conversation with a little bit of a buzz, but it should not be essential to having a good time! Try activities such as hiking, seeing a movie, mini golf, or visiting a smoothie shop

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