2 Best Dietary Habits to Help You Reach Your Goals

variety of fruits

Everyone struggles with weight loss; there is so much information available via the internet, experts, etc. that it can become overwhelming. Achieving and maintaining your weight loss goals is a lot easier than you think and 100% within your reach! Thanks to these two simple dietary habits, my clients are dropping weight like crazy without overthinking, giving up the foods they love, or depriving themselves. When you read what they are, you may be a little surprised at just how obvious it may seem!

Drink More Water
I don’t mean a little bit more, I mean A LOT more! Tracking your water intake will not only help in keeping yourself accountable, but you’ll notice just how little water you are probably drinking. Figure out how many ounces you should be consuming daily by multiplying your current body weight by (2/3). On average, people consume up to 48 oz. of water per day. The average amount of water for a normal 150 pound person sits at about 100 oz! Figure out how much water you should be consuming, start keeping track, and get drinking!

Why is Water so Important?
Water is not only the building block to virtually ever vital function and organ in our body, but also acts as a dietary tool for weight loss, gain, and maintenance. Our bodies signal that we are thirsty in the same way that they signal we are hungry. This is called “false hunger.” Feeling hungry soon after eating? Gulp down some water and see how it makes you feel – I guarantee your body is just craving water!

I Have a Hard Time Drinking Water because of the Lack of Taste
This is fairly easy to overcome – if you really want to achieve your goals, I promise you’ll get past this. Flavor your water with lemons, limes, cucumber, and more to give it that extra pizzazz! Feel like making it a little sweet? Squeeze a few drops of liquid stevia into your glass and see how you like it (I recommend going with natural flavors like vanilla, the regular stevia is an acquired taste).

Eat More Vegetables
You’re probably thinking a giant “DUH” but you’d be surprised how keeping a consistent mindset of “I should eat more vegetables in this meal” will work wonders for your body. As I’m always experimenting with my diet, lately I’ve been PILING veggies on my plate at every meal, accompanied by a portion of complete protein and slow digesting carbs. I have found that I am more satiated, I feel better, and you can do SO many creative things! Salad should never be boring, it should be packed full of amazing things (check out my recipe accompanying this blog for an excellent fajita inspired salad)!

I Really Hate Vegetables…
I am not trying to condemn you to eating more of a food you dislike, however, are you positive you dislike veggies or have you just never had them prepared to suit your liking? Vegetables do not have to be boiled, steamed, and bland! If you prepare veggies in this fashion (especially when trying to get the most nutritional value out of them) – add seasoning! Try roasting your veggies in some seasoning; roasted butternut squash is not only delicious on its own but is also the first step toward making some tasty squash spaghetti! The kitchen is the place where you should be getting creative, so get crafty with your greens!

But I REALLY want the Burger…
So get the burger! BUT on the side, instead of those salty, greasy fries, opt for a side salad or some green beans. Get all the veggies on the burger (they enhance the flavors anyway) and just be more conscious of the choices you’re making. By no means should you completely write off french fries, they’re amazing. However, just be conscious of what you’ve eaten during the day and make better choices accordingly.

By increasing your intake of water and including more veggies in your diet, you’ll be amazed by the results you see. Life is not about deprivation or saying “I can’t eat that.” Life is short so it is meant for LIVING! Be conscious of your health, make better choices, and don’t let it completely consume your life. πŸ™‚

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