The Truth about Gluten & Autoimmune Diseases

3 thoughts on “The Truth about Gluten & Autoimmune Diseases”

  1. What’s your take on lectins in your diet?
    New fad, or is there something to it?
    I’ve been primarily a vegetarian for many years and gluten and lactose free for at least 4 years, in hopes it would help my symptoms.
    Can’t say that it has hurt, but not helped really either.
    Curious on your opinion


    1. Hi Joe! Sorry for the late reply, when it comes to lectins it’s the same thing I say about nearly every other food – moderation. When we eat too many lectins they can become toxic to the body, but in moderation they can be really useful in the digestion process as they will slow it down so the food can process easier. Personally, I’ve experimented with nearly every diet in the book thinking it would help the MS (thankfully I’m already virtually symptom free), but nothing has necessarily improved anything other than sticking to a generally healthy Mediterranean diet. Hope this provided some insight!


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