Deprivation Leads to Binging: Finding Your Food Balance

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I am always one to practice what I preach, but I have done an injustice to myself and my lovely blog readers by doing just the opposite when it comes to my diet. I am a certified nutritionist, but I specialize in fitness nutrition; I can help you achieve your fitness goals, no problem! But I have learned something far more important over the last year of being certified; I have learned the beauty of balance and truly understanding what it means to accept yourself at all stages of life.

I have transitioned from what I call the “Macro Queen Stage” into something a bit more tolerable. When I learned everything I know now, I wanted to take all of that information and spew it to the universe as quickly and as efficiently as I could. What this turned into was actually me turning into the food police to everyone around me and robbing them of the fun that exists in eating a delicious and healthy meal. One example that comes to mind was my poor mother eating Greek yogurt and blueberries as an evening snack. What an awesome choice! Not to newly certified me, who lived by the strict meal time schedule and macro count. I scolded her for it and I’ll never forget it because that moment almost made her quit her health journey entirely – and it would have been my fault!

Over time I have learned that there is a little bit more to life than just tracking your food. Of course, I want to inspire people to achieve their goals and overcome their obstacles! But there is such a thing as a happy balance. If you want to enjoy the dessert, don’t say no, and don’t beat yourself up for saying yes. Listen to the queues your body is signaling off to you – if you really want that chocolate cake, then it’s missing something.

Deprivation leads to binging, and nobody wants that.

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I told myself I was going to quit drinking alcohol completely, and even went public with this decision on my social platforms to hold myself accountable. It was a while after I did that, but I noticed when I did drink and was supposed to have “one glass of red wine,” I would consume an entire 12 pack of blue moon and lay on my sister’s pool table in a sorry heap.

Deprivation leads to binging.

Do not say no to food because you are afraid of being overwhelmed by guilt. Do not feel guilty for choosing to eat something you wanted. It’s the holiday season, indulge a little! Stay active and try to keep up on eating enough of your veggies, but at the end of the day just understand that you are more than your pants size. You are more than a product of weight loss or weight gain.

Deprivation leads to binging; just enjoy life every second and don’t look back.

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