About Me

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My name is Catherine Weston, I reside in Richmond, VA and I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals and teaching them how to overcome the obstacles and limitations that are standing in their way.

I discovered my passion for fitness and all things food about 3 years ago, after I was introduced to the lifestyle and what it truly means to eat right. In 2014, I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis after waking up one morning with about 5% mobility throughout the left side of my body. I was told that my quality of life would suffer and that I would never run again. I took that news and I knew that I would prove everyone wrong. Less than a year later, I completed my first 5K in less than 25 minutes – from that moment on, I knew that health and wellness were to become my passions.

I don’t just strive to help those who are struggling with their weight, or those who simply want to make healthier choices – I want to show the people out there who have been told “you can’t” that they can. I am chronically ill, but I am also chronically AWESOME! You can be too.

There is not just one form of “unhealthy”, it wears many different masks. Many people are under the assumption that you are only unhealthy if you are overweight or if you have a lifestyle related illness; this is not the case. There are the evils of being too thin, too overweight, being too body conscious, and more. No matter what type of “unhealthy” you believe you may be, I will be here to help you, coach you, and support you along the way.

I earned my CNS in Fitness Nutrition so that I could not only experiment with the healing powers of food to see the results in regards to my own health, but also to extend a hand to those who are looking for help with their own health journey. I wish to aid as many people as possible in their health journey, if even just with simple nutrition advice, keeping them consistent on their exercise path, or just lending an ear.

Overall, I have found what I want to do with my life and I have found my purpose. I want to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible in order to help others out there who are seeking a coach, a friend, and an inspiration. This lifestyle does not entail giving up the things you love or making such intense sacrifices that it’s easy to give up – it involves perseverance, courage, dedication, and a deep desire to succeed. Together, we can achieve anything.

Let’s train hard, eat well, and cherish the bodies we were given. Anything is possible!